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Decontamination of meat, fish and egg through green antibiotic
Animal food safety has becoming a global challenge. WTO has prescribed some regulations on international food trade of which application of SPS have gained a significant place. SPS measures have become necessary for the protection of human, animal & plant health. Ardent task as confronted the food trades are to make & ensure food of animal origin in such manner that there is no microbial load as well as free antibiotic, chemicals, pesticides & irradiation effect.

Various chemicals like Lactic acid solution (2%), acidified Sodium Chloride solution, Chlorine solution etc have been used from time to time but they do not always fulfill the criteria of ideal decontaminant. Our bio-product derived from plant has been given extensive trial as decontaminating agent.

As per SPS norms meat should be free from pathogenic organism & would be from disease free animal. We know meat is highly perishable commodities required strict quality control right from slaughter operation till ultimate consumption. Our decontaminant afford protection of public health-provision of consumer satisfaction, compliance of regulatory legislation including SPS, competitive age in the trade, anti bacterial activity against mixed infection, decontamination surface bacteria of meat, no change in the appearance, smell, test or nutritional properties,leave no residue, pose no threat to the environment, encounter no objection from consumer or legislator including SPS, cheap & convenient to apply, improve the shelf life of the material by inactivating the spoilage organism as well as pathogens.

Our plant decontaminant(PD) fulfils all the above criterias and extensive trials have been conducted & reports have been published in different veterinary medical Journals like Indian J. Anim.Hlth.(1998 37:1.51-53) ISSN 0019-5057, Indian Vet J., June 2004 ;81: 697-699, J. Interacad. 8(3:433-435..436-438, 2004) ISSN 09719016 & paper has been presented in The 4th International ROTHAMSTED BIOMARKET (Bio-Products from Plants & Microbes, Harpenden, UK-5, November-2003).

  • Highly perishable commodities ( meat, fish and egg)
  • Require strict quality control right from slaughter operation till ultimate consumption
  • Decontaminant should afford
  • Protection of Public Health
  • Extension of product shelf life
  • Provision of consumer satisfaction
  • Compliance of regulatory legislation
  • Competitive edge in the trade

 Decontamination of surface bacteria of meat, fish and egg

  • Determined by wet swab technique (Mallmann et al, 1958) 
  • Two sq.inch of the surface of each samples were swabbed moistened in sterile saline three times in different direction 
  • pplicator sticks were broken one inch above the swabs and placed in tube containing 10 ml of peptone 
  • Tubes were vigorously shaken  
  • A 10 fold serial dilution up to 10 6 was prepared (ICMSF, 1978) 
  • Total plate count / cm 2 of the samples were determined by methods prescribed by APHA, 1984 
  • Plates showing 25 to 250 colonies were multiplied by the reciprocal dilutions and expressed as log 10 c.f.u./cm 2